A love of genuine products...since 1912.

We like everyone to enjoy what we serve at table, both those who prefer traditional recipes and the flavours of the past, and those who expect a surprise every time they try a new dish. Over the years - almost one hundred now  - we have never ever renounced to the simple, genuine products which bear witness to the values of our brand. This is how new shapes, fillings and ideas are developed, blending delicious traditional foods with innovation - in each and every taste.


Fini holds both the IFS and BRC certificates as confirmation of the quality of its processing procedures and products.
The IFS (International Food Standard) and BRC (British Retail Consortium) standards set down the quality requirements suppliers of food products must conform to in order to access international markets and respond to the demands of distributors of brand products.
They include quality management, production processes and environmental standards, the implementation of hygiene control systems, the definition of monitoring and control systems and regular staff training.

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